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महानिर्देशकको संदेश

On the behalf of Department of Environment, I would like to welcome you all to our official website.

Established with the motive of environment protection and sustainable development, The department has been constantly focusing on working improvement of the environmental condition of the country. The Department of Environment aims to Work in partnership with the public private and voluntary sectors to promote prosperous happy Nepal through promoting sustainable development and seeking to search a better & safer environment for everyone. The department works under the Ministry of Forest and Environment and It responsible for the implementation of environmental acts and regulations. It oversees the compliance of Environment Protection Act (EPA), 1996, Environment Protection Regulation (EPR), 1997 and pollution control standard as promulgated by the Government of Nepal. The department has been playing crucial role in assisting the ministry for formulation of plans and policies.

The department has been established under the cabinet decision of 27th July 2012 and has been on constant endeavor to fulfill the mandate. The department has a team of staff whose expertise are on different discipline. Centrally located, it lacks its supportive organization at local level. However, it has been monitoring the industries and projects all over the country and also supporting for environmental impact adaptation.

We have to meet the targets for millennium development goal in sustainable way. So our program is focused on different activities, like Water smart, Carbon and Energy smart, Agriculture smart, Biodiversity smart, Knowledge smart activities for achievement of our goals.

On my leadership, the department will continuously strive to improve the environmental status of the country. We are open coordination, collaboration and support from all the stakeholders, government agencies, academic institutes, I/NGOs and environment related organizations to achieve the goal of sound environment management. We expect your support on “our right to healthy environment.”

We hope, the information provided in the website will be useful to all the information seekers. Thank you for visiting our website.

Jhalak ram Adhikari
Director General 
Department of Environment
Kupondole, Lalitpur
Telephone: +977-1-5553690
Fax: (++) + 977-1-5551149
Email: info@doenv.gov.np
Website: www.doenv.gov.np, www.pollution.gov.np


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