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शंकर प्रसाद पौडेल
फोन नं। ०१–५५५११६१ ईक्स. २०१
मोबाइ नं. ९८४१५८३७४३

वातावरण विभागमा तपाइँहरु लाई स्वागत छ

To implement the mandate given by Environment Protection Act and Environment Protection Regulation 1997, it was a long felt need to establish an organization which could materialize environmental compliance monitoring and develop a bridge between development and environment. This push factor resulted in establishment of Department of Environment.
The Department of Environment has been assigned responsibility of improving the environmental quality; enforce the environment related act, regulation, legislations and standards, create awareness among people and localize the climate change adaptation and mitigation practices at local level. This is done by monitoring and auditing development projects and industries, writing suggestion for improvement, enforce the environment management plan, penalize the projects, development of climate smart villages and communities' centric workshop and training programxs.

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