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  • Welcome to Department of Environment

    Protection of human health through preserving our lovely planet is one of the primary obligations for all the states. Environment is a cross-cutting issue which covers the total of all surroundings of a living organism, including natural forces and other living things. In present days, the promotion of environmental friendly activities through awareness and implementation as well as enforcement to the concerned agencies has becoming widely realized interventions.

    Environmental degradation and global warming has becoming widespread concerns and Nepal is no exception. Elsewhere the climate change has becoming buzz word and its impact on sectoral issues mainly in agriculture, forest; water resources and threatening livelihood of the people are to be addressed largely. Both anthropogenic as well as natural factors have triggered these issues. In fact they are interrelated process to each other which should be taken into well consideration while planning the adaptation and mitigation programs.

    In addition to these issues, pollution related to air, water, soil, noise and municipal wastages have becoming primary environmental concerns in Nepal. Their apparent effects are largely realized from policy level to the implementation levels. In order to minimize the problems, both legal and implementation aspects should be made stronger within the framework of the Government Policy, Act, Regulations, Standards and Guidelines. The former issues can be addressed at the higher level, whereas the later issues through the implementation level by the Departments and organizations working in the grass root level. In view of this effect, a functional arm of the Ministry with the mandate for implementation, monitoring and enforcement of the environmental activities in Nepal was realized since long time. In addition to the Environment Protection Act (1996) and Environment Protection Rules (1997), the Interim Constitution of Nepal (2007, Article 16) has also emphasized on the right to live in a healthy environment.


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